Teaser: "Ja må du leva"

Darin just posted a video of his photoshoot for "Ja må du leva" with what seems to be the intro of his new single.

Un post condiviso da Darin (@darinofficial) in data:

New single "Ja må du leva" out March 31

After two years, Darin is coming back to the music scene with a brand new single in swedish: "Ja må du leva". The title literally means "Yes, may you live" and refers to a typical Swedish birthday song.

The single drops on March 31st and is written by Darin and Peter Kvint (Följa John, Tänk dig, I din 
hand, Kom med mig), produced by Swedish folk-pop duo Smith & Thell and mixed by Ollie Olson.

Vasastan Magasin Interview: ”I’m halfway done with my new album”

Darin was recently interviewed in the latest issue of Vasastan Magasin, where he talked about his career and life in general. Above all, he revealed more information about his new album.

”At the moment I’m halfway done with my new album. I have written half of the songs, but I haven’t started recording yet. It’s in Swedish and I’m doing it my way, to the fullest.”

While discussing his background, Darin mentioned not feeling Swedish nor Kurdish despite feeling at home in both places simultaneously. This has inspired him to write a song called Identitetslös (identity-less/without identity), that might end up on the album. 

Apart from the new album, Darin says that he is also working on another project with a British songwriter in Los Angeles, describing it as an entirely different thing that will be revealed later on.     

”It’s the same style but two different languages. I feel comfortable in both, but Swedish is closer and more personal.” 

Read the full interview in Swedish at this link

"Ta mig tillbaka" live at Children's Climate Prize 2016

Darin performed Ta mig tillbaka at Childrens Climate Prize 2016 award ceremony on November 24.

Childrens Climate Prize was intiated this year by Telge Energi and is awarded to children across the globe who have done exceptional work in the field of climate or environment. This year’s winner was 16-year-old American Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez, who began his environmental activism at the age of 6 and has since then received many other awards for his work, such as the United States Community Service Award from President Obama. Xiuhtezcatl is currently the Youth Director of the organization Earth Guardians who focus on addressing climate change and other important issues affecting our present and future globally.

Photos by Nathalie Pentler

You can find more photos on our Facebook page.

Watch Darin’s performance at the award ceremony below:

Darin will perform at Children's Climate Prize 2016

It has been announced that Darin is going to perform at the Children's Climate Prize gala in Södertälje, Sweden on November 24. He will perform twice, both during the award ceremony and the subsequent banquet.

Children's Climate Prize gives children the opportunity to aim for the stars while at the same time putting one of today’s most important issues in the spotlight. The prize will go to a child or group of children for exceptional work in the field of climate or environment.

The gala will not be broadcasted live, although video clips might be available afterwards.
Unfortunately, only invited guests are allowed to attend.

En Kväll i New York - Darin's performance at Apollo Theater

Tonight the long-awaited show En Kväll i New York finally premiered on SVT. As previously mentioned, the show was recorded in May, when Darin and other Swedish artists performed a new version of a song of their choice at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York, with The Late Show Gospel Choir.   

Darin chose to perform Lovekiller. He appears already in the first episode which covers the entire process, from rehearsing with the choir, to the outstanding performance at Apollo. Furthermore, Darin reunites with his friend and colleague Kat DeLuna before his performance. 

Watch the episode on SVT Play by following this link or clicking on the image below.