Darin to take part in Så Mycket Bättre 2012

Darin Zanyar has turned from being runner-up in Idol 2004 into being number one in the charts.

Name: Darin Zanyar. Age: 25 years. Born: Stockholm. First record: The Anthem was published in 2005. Most famous songs: Money For NothingStep Up and You're Out of My Life.

Darin broke with a bang through his participation in Idol 2004. Admittedly, he was "only" second in the competition, but his career has nothing to be ashamed of. Darin, who has written his own songs since age 14, dropped out of music school to take the pop world by storm, and the very first album, The Anthem, went gold and delivered a number one hit in the form of a single: Money for Nothing.

Darin has released five studio albums so far and all of them but one have topped the album charts and sold gold. In addition to a whole bunch of chart-topping singles, Darin also boasts a fourth place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 selection, and the honor of writing a special song for Crown Princess Victoria's wedding in 2010.

Source: Darin medverkar i Så mycket bättre 2012
Translated by Google Translate and edited by Savi.