"Tack För Musiken" previews

Tack För Musiken is airing in a couple of hours on SVT, the Swedish national television. But before that, we want to delight you with some previews of what you'll see tonight.

The funniest moment of the show comes when Niklas, the host of the show, gives a four-kilo sack of potatoes to Darin. Why? Actually, that is the amount of weight Darin lost when he took part in Melodifestivalen, in 2010.
Darin also shows Niklas, and of course the audience, how he usually writes songs. Generally, he starts with melody and right after he jots down some lyrics, the ones that fit the sound the best.

All in all, he sings three of his own songs: Money For Nothing, Why Does It Rain and Lovekiller. However, he also sings some parts of others songs like Apologize, which he played on the piano, and then, when Niklas asks him what is his favourite song in Swedish language, he starts singing Sista Morgonen, which is one of Niklas' songs. So they start singing together. The rest.. you will see tonight.

Swedish outsiders will not be able to stream the program live, but just one hour later from the end, here. In the meanwhile, you can watch some clips from the show below, the first one showing Darin dancing when he was a child, the second one showing Darin teaching Niklas how to dance to Nobody Knows.
By the way, if you notice something strange on Darin's head, well no, Darin hasn't cut his hair that way again. It's just that the program was recorder very long ago.