- Darin: "It was like a therapy"

Darin is more personal than before on his new album "Exit" which is released tomorrow. But the lyrics about relationships were tough to write.

Tomorrow Darin’s sixth album "Exit" is released. It was written very fast. When Darin met the American producer Jim Beanz it clicked right away on the creative plan and they wrote five songs in six days.

- He is a songwriter I've looked up to and wanted to work with for a long time. We had fun in the studio and we went to the movies and went out to have dinner, says Darin Zanyar, 25.

He tells us that the melodies easily comes to him while the lyrics demands more work. Especially during the work with "Exit" where he is more personal than before.

- There are many relationships and pretty deep lyrics. "Same Old Song" is about when something repeats and at last you gotta say "This doesn’t work out, we go back to square one each time we try", says Darin.

Was it tough to look back when you wrote the songs?
- Yes it was. It was probably good for me to write about it, it was like therapy, says Darin.

This spring he will do three concerts in Sweden, on Cirkus in Stockholm, Trädgår’n in Gothenburg and KB in Malmö. Then he wants to go international.
- But I won’t go for all the territories at the same time, he says.