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The Darin Worldwide interview, Part II: "Break the News is my favourite album"

On September 20th, Darin performed at Gröna Lund , Stockholm, for the last date of his summer tour, the #DarinTour2013 . Perhaps it was the lights, the dance steps, or the fire popping out of the stage during the performance of Playing With Fire , or maybe it was the march on What It's Like , exclusively added to the setlist for this concert, that made everything appear as a new era has started for the popstar. Certainly, as Darin himself said in the backstage, the concert at Gröna Lund was one of the best of the year, or even one of the best he has ever done, in our opinion. After the concert, some members of the Darin Worldwide Team got once again the chance to quickly meet Darin in the backstage, while he was trying to deal with his newest Sony Xperia Z that he used to take a picture of the audience for his Instagram. The #DarinTour2013 is now over. How does it feel to be done with it? Is it a positive feeling thinking that you can get back to normal life, or not? Norma

Uddevalla Solid Sound: "Darin charmed more people than teenage girls"

Darin Zanyar made a focused and stable achievement at Uddevalla Solid Sound. A sound and lights show that not only convinced the audience, but also the originally skeptical reviewer from Bohusläningen (newspaper) . Darin Where: Stora scenen (The big stage) When: Saturday, August 31 It's been nine years since Darin broke through in Idol. Nine years in which he has left his teenage life, stepped into the adult life and nowadays he's closer to 30 than 20. But his role as girls' favourite has been standing steady. That's something I get a deafening proof of when the 26-year-old shows his face for the Uddevalla audience and he gets greeted by sky-high voices. He is here for the people generally, but for the girls' scream particularly. He has brought not only a nice stage, but also visual candy in shape of many lights and also an eight man big band. Two drummers, two choir guys, two guitarists and two synth-responsible. Together with this group he starts a w

#DarinTour2013 live from Helsinki

For the first time ever, Darin's concert will be broadcast live on the web. After a long summer tour across Sweden, the singer takes a break and moves to Helsinki, Finland, where he's back to promote his latest work "Exit" with the so called #DarinTour2013 . This time it's not a radio interview, it's not a showcase, but a full concert, with the finnish singer Clarissa as opening act to warm up the audience before the king gets on the stage. September 4th, 21.00 CEST, here. Don't miss it! EDIT: For those who missed, here you have the full concert!