En Resa För Livet - Episode 4

In the last episode of ”En Resa För Livet”, Darin stayed in the SOS Village while most of the others went on their last trips around Manila. We get to see Darin and Sophie writing a song together, which results in the beautiful ”All Our Babies”. Darin finds out that Sophie's never written a song with anyone before but that they work well together.

Later Darin says that he wants to record a music video with the children of the village, for his song ”Be What You Wanna Be”. He starts teaching them the choreography for the chorus, later directing and recording the video with all the talented children, who were excited and thankful. A boy in the village explains that this activity will be a good memory for him.

Since it’s the end of the show and the journey of their lives, the artists gathers to talk about their experiences. They find everything quite difficult to summarize. Eagle-Eye says it was a good bonus to also get to know these three people.

The beautiful music video is shown later. It’s clear that Darin and the children did a great job, and that it also will be a special memory for all of them.

Finally, it’s time for the artists to perform their songs. During the performances we get to see small flashbacks from earlier episodes. Darin says that the children in the village and the day on Smokey Mountain moved him the most, while the hardest part of the journey was when he visited the orphanage. 

The whole show is ended by Darin and Eagle-Eye performing ”Dream Away” and Darin’s words:

”I think that one person can make a huge difference. One can’t save the whole world, but at least save one person. And that is a huge difference. It’s saving a life.”

Watch the episode - including the music video - below:

You can purchase the album with all of the songs on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. All the money earned from the songs will go to SOS Children’s Villages, where you also can become a sponsor and make Darin's participation in this project worthwhile, by helping children all over the world.