Darin's interview for "Poplife TV"

When the interview starts, Darin says that he is in the studio to record strings on his new songs .

He says that the song “Nobody knows” is about a tough period when you are in love, and you ask yourself what it is that you’re feeling and what’s happening. He just came up with the answer – nobody knows!

Darin tells that he started to write songs for his 6th album in the beginning of 2011, but he didn’t find the right “sound” until the summer that year. Then he started working with Lucas Nathanson (who has worked with Akon, among others) and they wrote “Right to this point” together. His new sound is a little more electronic and more modern than before. Darin claims that he is very happy with his new sound.

The reason that he will release two EP's, mini albums, is that he want it all to be more “klubbigt”, like more of a club sound and have remixes too. Two albums is a little more fun than just one, sort of like he did in 2005, he says.

Darin had a lot of fun in the studio while writing the songs. He says that he is looking forward to the response from the fans and hopes that we will like it as much as he does!