Welcome to Darin Worldwide!

Hey, guys!
Since we have become an official fan page, it would be better for us to start thinking bigger. Therefore we are glad to present you our blog, we actually hope you like it. Here you will find, like on our Facebook page, all the updated information about Darin and all in english. You can also find a link to a Forum, named Darin Online, where you can meet new people, discuss about Darin or anything you want to.
We're also likely to start contests where you can win stuff signed by Darin himself, so don't lose this chance!

By the way, being an official fan page doesn't mean that we won't need your help anymore, because we need you more than ever. We need to grow up so don't hesitate in spreading the word about us!

Thanks a lot for your support and help, you are amazing and we love you!
\Marlene, Savi.