"Are you a real Darin fan?" contest winner

Finally, we have the results of Darin Worldwide's first contest. Thanks to all the 51 contestants who took part in the competition, it's been so nice to organise this for you. And of course this is not the first and last contest, we will come up with some more as soon as possible!

So, the winner is..
Nune Nazaryan!
Congratulations, you have won the t-shirt. Let us know where we have to send the shirt by sending us a mail to darinworldwide@hotmail.com or a message to our Facebook page.

Now the others can check if they are in the top ten..

..and find out the correct answers to the ten questions:
1. D  2. B  3. B  4. C  5. A  6. D  7. B  8. C  9. A  10. C

Thank you again!
The Darin Worldwide Team