Contest: Are you a real Darin fan?

Have you always wanted to wear a t-shirt with Darin's face on it, but you never had the chance to get it? Well, this time you may be able to by taking part in our contest to win a fabulous blue shirt like the one Darin wore during his tour in 2005!
Here are all the details you need to know about the contest:
  • it will start on August 20th and it will last ten days;
  • you don't need to subscribe, you can take part in the competition whenever you want until August 30th at 12 PM CEST;
  • you will have to answer ten question about Darin's music and career, asked day by day on our Facebook page. Each question will award you a different amount of points for a total of 25 points, so not all the questions are worth the same points;
  • the winner will be announced on August 30th and the shirt will be sent to him/her as soon as possible;
  • correct answers to the ten questions will be published in the days following the end of the contest, together with a chart with position and obtained points of each contestant.
You're not obliged to answer all the question, but of course you should answer as many as you can in order to achieve enough points.

This is the shirt that will be sent to the winner:

Are you a real Darin fan? Prove it!

For further informaton don't hesitate writing us on Facebook or sending us a mail to!