Aftonbladet: "Darin at Sommarkrysset with a super laser show"

In the evening, the pilots usually stay away from Gröna Lund. Then ask Darin on stage in "Sommarkrysset" - with his super laser.
- If the direction changes,  it can hit them in the eyes, simply says Christer Andersson at TV4.
Yesterday, TV4 through his lightning booking - in tonight's "Sommarkrysset" brought Darin Zanyar , 25, on the Main Stage of Gröna Lund.
- They called two days ago and asked, so it was a bit spontaneous, he says.
It has taken timeAnd it will not be saved on the show's gunpowder. For his laser show he has demanded permission to both the Radiation Safety and Transport Agency.- This is why it has taken time to get to this reservation. It is a great device for the use of such laser lights outdoors, if targeted incorrectly they can hit pilots in the eyes simply said TV4's executive producer Christer Andersson .
New intro of the showIn addition, Darin made a special new intro to the show in the program.
- If I do something, I do it fully. I do not do anything half way.
In the meanwhile, he's now working with high pressure and he's writing songs for his new album - after having scrapped its completely finished album in the spring.
- I felt I could do better. Now I'm inside a flow, I expect that the disc is ready to get released next year.

Watch Darin's performance of Nobody Knows at Sommarkrysset here.

Translated by Google Translate and edited by Savi.