- Darin: "Maja and I clicked damn well"

Darin enjoyed the female company during the filming of  'Så mycket bättre'.
When Darin Zanyar, 25, earlier this year was asked to participate in the new season of the hit program 'Så mycket bättre' he didn't have to think a lot.

- When I was told who would be with, I felt: damn right awesome! There were so many artists, and I felt it would be a blast to get to redo their songs, says Darin at a press conference for the autumn program on TV4.

Although the rumor of hectic recording schedule, and drama behind the scenes, Darin reveals that he got along very well with the other participants - especially some.

- It was a nice atmosphere and I clicked with most of the guests. I was involved with Maja. We clicked damn well. We have the same type of humor, she's a little crazy and have a lot of energy, he reveals with a smile.

The singer also tells that he has kept in touch with several of the other artists.

- I have met some after recordings. Linda, Maja and I have been texting a bit with Magnus Uggla, and Pugh.

Translated by Google Translate and edited by Marlene.