Vlt.se: "Darin clicked with Pugh"

Darin Zanyar is only 25 years old and has already an impressive career as a pop artist. The highlight, so far, is the participation in 'Så mycket bättre', this year.

Darin Zanyar was 17 years old when he broke through in the TV show Idol. The year was 2004.
– It was not expected that it would be that way, but I always knew that I would get involved with music.

Even at age of 14, he wrote his own songs, such as 'What you're made of ' which was included on his first album. For the wedding of the Swedish princess, he wrote 'Can't Stop Love' with Tony Nilsson.
– It felt incredibly big. I received a letter from Victoria and Daniel after that.

Darin has recently started recording a new album, that probably will be launch in early 2013.
– I'll release it when I feel ready. I must be completely satisfied.

This approach tells how much Darin thinks he has changed since his breakthrough. He feels sure and knows what he wants and always strive to "top himself". He laughs when he confirms that scandals are conspicuous by his absence.
– Scandls are not really my thing. I am a musician, that's what I do. It has always been clear.

But he still makes sacrifices.
– It has not been easy. It has been incredibly much work since I was 17.When my friends were at a party, I had to sit in the studio. I missed many things of teenage years.

The highlight so far? Så mycket bättre.
– It felt like, that in such a short time, I learned a lot. It's not every day you live with six other artists. There were many who were older and they told us how it was at the time, it looked completely different.

Darin was nervous about recording but got along well with all participants. Even with the 'Västerås' successor, Pugh Rogefeldt.
– He was awesome. We clicked pretty fast.

Caption: Tour Ends in 'Västerås'. Darin promises "a great show" with both new and old songs where he and his band give their last concert of the tour in 'Västerås konserthus' on Saturday. 

Photo: Niklas Larsson / Scanpix.


Translated by Google Translate and edited by Marlene.