Darin on this year's "Så Mycket Bättre"

It shows how much fun we had!
It has been a great feeling.
It was like a sprawling gang from Gotland ruled last summer. The youngest was Darin Zanyar there.

- It was obvious that it would have worked, although I wasn't so sure I would dare, he explains.
The 17-year-old Darin broke through Idol in 2004 and since then, he has released five albums.

Few years ago, Fokus named him one of the people who have made the 00s.
The week in Gotland was busy, with a lot of activities to do and little time to sleep.
- There was a nice atmosphere between the artists and I clicked with most of them, especially with Maja Ivarsson. We have kind of the same humor and she's a little crazy.
Darin's strongest memory is the one of his own day.
- I thought I had done similar things in Idol, but that was something completely different. It has been amazing to sit and listen to those great artists singing my songs. It's been very big.

I have chosen the greatest hits
Ten intensive days in the gotlandic summer where some of our most beloved artists made music together. The successful show "Så mycket bättre" is back with, among others, Magnus Ugla, Miss Li and Darin.It's summer 2002. The then 15-year-old Darin Zanyar is by chance at Sergels Square, in the centre of Stockholm. A small stage is rigged for young people who are trying out the karaoke.- Four people were standing and listening, remembers Darin."You have to get up and sing", urged her sister. "No way!", he replied. But she managed to persuade Darin, who chose R. Kelly's If I Could Turn Back Time.
Halfway into the song, Stockholm's most famous meeting point was full of people. Darin's sister stood in front of him and started crying.
- That was one of the sickest experiences I've ever had, says Darin on what was about to become his debut appearance, which he calls the first and greatest milestone in his career. 
- Then I felt that I had to keep doing that.
Ten years have passed since that day when Darin's musical dream started. A second place in Idol in 2004 and five albums later, he has turned very big both in Sweden and internationally.

I was nervous the first morning
With his 25 years, he is the youngest in the autumn program "Så mycket bättre". Darin spent 10 days at a guest house in Burgsvik, in southern Gotland, with the musicians Linda 'Miss Li' Carlsson, Maja Ivarsson, Olle Ljungström, Magnus Uggla, Pugh Rogefeldt and Sylvia Vrethammar. Darin clearly remembers the morning when everyone met.
- It felt like the first day of school. I was so nervous in the morning, but the following turned out different, and it dropped rapidly.
There were ten intesive recording days. We barely slept, but we had fun. It will be noticed in the program.
The participants have different musical backgrounds, and Darin had just met Swedish pop and rock artist Magnus Uggla. The new acquaintances quickly found things to talk about.-
 Pugh and Sylvia told us a lot about how the music industry worked before, and I shared with them my experiences of what it looks like now. 
Each day ended with a dinner where the main element, as it had been previosuly, was musically interpreted by the others.
- When I had to interpret the others, I didn't chose the greatest hits, but the ones that suited me the best. Then it got better - so much better, says Darin and laughs.

Select TV with care
For Darin, who's not seen very often in tv, soul was ready to set up.
- I have deliberately chosen to take part in the stuff that would feel right for me. I don't want to do anything, but I got so full there. Many people know who I am, but not what I think.
Darin is happy with the results.
- It was more fun than I had expected. I never thought it would feel so strong.

Source: Aftonbladet.se
Translated by Bing/Google. Edited by DW Team.