Darin's interview for "Cosmopolitan"

For Cosmo, tells Så mycket bättre current artist why he is so difficult to get to know, the wild nights in Berlin and longing to meet someone.

"I am quite comfortable to live with"

What was it like to live with other artists for ten days?I was really nervous before, especially the morning when we were going to the airport. I thought, "What have I gotten myself into? Shit!”. Just the music part felt cool, it was more that we would just hang together many days that were nervously.

How are you (as a person) to live with? I think I am quite comfortable. I'm a pretty positive person that doesn't try to make little things, large.
You seem to have a high integrity, it has been a tactic? No, not really. Therefore it is fun with this program – in order to hopefully get to know me more.
Can people get to know you by your lyrics in your music? Yes, it comes from the heart. Its own experiences, from getting your heart broken to the contrary. I've been through all that...
Longing after to meet someone? Yes, but it should not be forced. It should be natural. I do not need to meet a girl now. But for now, I am supersingel.
You lived in Berlin for a while, how was it? I took back my teenage years there, so it was lot of partying. It is easy to feel at home in Berlin. It's inspiring. When I'm done with my new upcoming album, I will for sure go back there.
Maybe you find a German girl? I was dating a German girl for years, actually. Although it was long distance, since I moved back to Stockholm. It was difficult. No one broke up, it just fizzled out because we both worked so much on different sides.


Thanks to Gloria and Benediktina Gaigalevičytienė.