Maja reveals flirt with Darin: "He's one of the most handsome boys"

A special relationship developed on the set of "Så mycket bättre" and The Sounds, Maja fell for Darin Zanyar. 
- It was a big flirt, she tells Nyheter24.

This year's "Så mycket bättre" partecipants Maja Ivarsson, 33, and Darin Zanyar, 25, got on well quickly during the recordings, and soon they started to flirt.

- It was a big flirt, at least on my part. I'm a bit sad that he's not here today, but we have kept in touch. We have texted each other quite often, she says to Nyheter24.

It took no more than a few minutes before they got along.

- We have the same sense of humor, we could laugh all the time, both equally nervous , I looked up at him because he started very young, and I wasn't so much older when I got my breakthrough. So we've had a common journey.

- Then you shouldn't hide the fact that he is one of Sweden's most beautiful men, he's very handsome. When I met him, I got butterflies in my stomach and thought 'shit, he's so good', she says to Nyheter24.

Why was there no more? - Circumstances with cameras everywhere. I did not want to create any messy love story. You want to be professional. Then if you click, it's just a plus.

What do you hope to get out of this now? - He is a very very nice guy. Of course, I hope that we can keep having a relationship both professionally and be able to take a break, eat dinner, discuss about old memories. Darin is my heart. He is a nice, nice, nice guy and I hope and pray that we will have a relationship in a long time, since we both seem to want it, nobody knows. A good start I think. He is really nice, supernice, really.

If he asked you out on a date and then asked if you want it to become something more than friendship - would you say yes then, right? - Of course. Not just because he is handsome and sings and dances well. He's very mature. He was probably the one of us who stood out as the most mature and sympathetic. It's something very attractive, I think. A man who is confident in himself.

What about love in your life at the moment? - Apparently I'm single. I had a boyfriend in Los Angeles two years ago, but unfortunately it ended. Since then I've taken it pretty easy, I've preferred long relationships. I've never been a person who has been around. I want confidence in a relationship.

However,  Darin has confirmed what was going on behind the scenes.
- There was a nice atmosphere and I clicked with most of the partecipant. I got particurarly along with Maja. We clicked as hell, said Darin to Nyheter24 last summer.

Translated by Google. Edited by Savi.