Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 1 and "Stockholm"

Yesterday Så Mycket Bättre premiered on the swedish channel TV4. Darin was the highlight of the evening, his performance was the best one. He was also trending on Twitter!
The program started with the arrival in Gotland and the meeting of the seven artists. Sylvia, one of the partecipants, when arrived at the hotel, saw Darin and mistook him for the porter. She asked him to carry her bags upstairs and Darin was so kind to help her. The contestants got to know each other by doing some activities during the day, that actually was Pugh Rogefeldt's day. The first one was a group activity about searching for some particular kind of flowers in the wood. Then they continued with the creation of some iron objects. They played ping-pong too. Pugh showed a clip of his son dancing and asked Darin to talk with him at the phone as a surprise to him, since he is a fan of Darin. Later on, they ate both lunch and dinner together. Pugh, the protagonist of the episode, stood at the centre. He watched artists performing his songs and enjoyed so much Darin's performance of Stockholm that he asked him to sing together.
You can watch the full episode here and if you want, you can just have a look at our photo gallery on Facebook.

The studio version of Stockholm by Darin is available on iTunes Sweden (currently charting at number 2) and SpotifyInternational fans, instead, can both listen to it and watch the live performance below.
The song is great, and it's just the first one out of six! Are you so excited as we are?