Centralens Magasin: "On track with Darin"

For a long time, he has been an established name among the youngs, in dance and club circuits. With his participation in TV4's-success Så mycket bättre, he has shown his full range as an artist and reached a whole new audience. Besides that, Darin Zanyar is up with a new album that will be released in new year.

Week after week, you do new acclaimed versions of other artists' songs in Så mycket bättre. Most of them seem to be hits and played frequently on the radio. Are you becoming beloved by the people?
-  I don't know, really. I've missed the first programs since I was in the U.S. but it's fantastic to come home and be met by of all estimate, says Darin and laughs a little embarrassed but obviously a little proud.

How was it to meet other artists and to interpret their music?
-  On the whole, it was great fun but also very nervous to make other people's songs and see how they would react. Now it was all very well which was a huge boost.

The interpretations ranged from club dance versions to soulful ballads. How did you think about when you approached your songs and would make them yours?
-  I decided from the beginning that I would go all the way, really make them with my sound rather than just twist them a little. For example, as Olle Ljungström's "En apa som liknar dig" is a song I liked for years, it is extremely good and that Olle liked my club version which still differs a lot from his, was a huge honor.

You mentioned earlier in the interview that you have been in the United States. Business, pleasure or both – tell me!
I've been there to write and record my next album coming, in early 2013.

The trip up to the finished album wasn't so straight this time. It is said that you had songs for an entire album ready but you trashed them and started all over again?
-  It's actually true. Thing was that it didn't felt like it had reached all the way up and it needs to do, to reach the next level.

What do you mean with the next level?
-  I want to develop as an artist and songwriter but also, of course, want to reach out internationally, and it must be really perfect.

Among the songwriters and producers whom he worked with (for the new album) include Jim Beanz who has worked with world stars like MIA, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado, Billy Mann and David Schuler with Pink, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion on the client list. Other names that will appear in the envelope is Sasha Skarbek associated with Adele, Jason Mraz, Neneh Cherry, Jon Bon Jovi, James Blunt, Paul McCartney and Toby Gad, who collaborated with Fergie, Beyonce, One Direction, Alicia Keys, among others. Not least is the old friend Red One, a producer who hardly requires any further presentation of this celebrated company.

A heavy bunch to say the least..
-  Yes, it can be said and hopefully it will be shown when people hear the album. I am at least enormously pleased with the result. That Nadde (Red One-editor's note.) are with (included) are fun, he's been there ever since starting in 2004. We had our first number one hit as a songwriter together, Step Up 2005th. That it has gone so well for him isn't surprising.

All the people that you are working with testifies to your high ambition and call you a perfectionist.
-  You could say that. I have extremely high demands on myself. I have been given this chance to do what I love, and then I have to take it. I have to take advantage of it and don't throw it away, it must be 110 percent!

How would you like to describe it in words?
-  Maybe a little bit more mature than before, and more varied. Not least are the texts more personal than before.

Working with world famous names, and have a team of people around you. Hand on the heart – how much can you decide yourself?
-  Most of it, actually. It has been this way from the beginning. Some don't know that I write music myself even once, which is surprising, I think, but I have essentially the last word in everything from track selection to styling and everything else.

You have, despite your relatively young age, 25 years old, been around a while as an artist since you became famous for the wide audience of Idol 2004th. But when we look at your track record, we become astounded at how much you have managed with. Five albums, tours, songwriting contributions to other artists and collaborations with numerous producers. How do you keep up, what is the momentum?
-  This is what I have always dreamed of doing, and the ambition is to constantly evolve on all levels as an artist and get better.

Så mycket bättre (so much better)?
-  Yes, that's right, ha ha – Så mycket bättre!

Translated by Gloria: darin-gloria.blogspot.se