Darin dominates the Swedish official singles chart

This time Darin has definitely broken a record in the charts.
As a matter of fact, this week Sverigetopplistan is owned by Darin's four songs from Så mycket bättre. Three of them are in the top 15 and they are:

En Apa Som Liknar Dig - #3
Stockholm - #13
Astrologen - #15

As for the remaining song, which is I Can't Get You Off My Mind, it finally entered the chart at position number 36.

Don't stop downloading the songs from iTunes and streaming them on Spotify. 
Moreover, don't forget to vote for En Apa Som Liknar Dig on Rix Topp 6 klockan 6. Since it's charting at number 3 at the moment, all you need to do it to select "Jag röstar på låt 3" and then click on "Skicka". In case the position changes, you just have to select "Jag röstar på låt" + number of the current position of the song in the chart.