Darin's interview at "NRJ in the morning"

At first one of the hosts starts to talk about Darin and he mentions several awards that Darin has won, for instance the "Kurd of the Year"-award that Darin won in 2005 and 2006, and he asks Darin:

What kind of award is this?
- It was "Kurd of the Year" in Sweden, which they give out every year.

Is it the biggest award you have ever won?
- Yes one of them, definitely.

Are you dating Maja from The Sounds?
- No, I'm not.

She said that she really wants you….?
- We haven't seen each other since the recording of the show but things heated up between us while we were there and it was a lot of flirting, but it didn't happen anything else. There was a lot of cameras and stuff. But we will see what happens….

So you mean that there was something going on between you?
- Yeah, we clicked damn well. So we will see what happens. She lives in Malmö tho, and I live in Stockholm…

Long distance-relationship… Anyway, this year you're one of the participants in Så Mycket Bättre, and we wonder why you chose to participate in the show?
- I chose to be a part of it because it seemed like a good thing, there is a lot of focus on music. It's not like any other show and I felt that it can give me a chance to show what I can do musically. Even though a lot of people know who I am and have seen me on stage, I don't think they know that much about what I do, how I work with music and what I am able to do.

You are the youngest one in the show, how does that feel?
- It was a lot of focus on that before I was on the show, but then when I was there hanging with the others I didn't notice that at all, which was nice.

Which one of you were the most immature person?
- I don't know, all of us were pretty immature.

You're way too nice! Tell us someone!
- No,  no…

We have to ask about this incident with Sylvia Vrethammar, she thought that you were some kind of butler and the hotel and forced you to carry her bags. So you were just being polite saying "welcome" and carried her bags…?
- Exactly, and then she thought that I worked there as a chasseur or something. It was pretty funny actually.

In the show we get to hear you sing in Swedish, which you usually don't do.
- No, I haven't released any songs in Swedish, but I have performed on TV with Swedish songs, like "Det gör ont" and "Se på mig" a few years ago.

Are there any difference between singing in Swedish and in English?
- No, there isn't any difference to me. As long as I feel that I can stand up for what the lyrics say and I can relate to the song, it doesn't matter what language it is. So long as I can understand what I'm singing.

Some say that when it's in Swedish it gets even more "for real", with feelings and such stuff….
- To me it's just as much feelings when I sing in English, depending on what type of song there is, of course. When it is a deeper song the more feelings comes through.

Like "Gangnam-style" for example.
- Exactly, haha.

"I love you" in English doesn't feels as powerful as "Jag älskar dig" (="I love you" in Swedish).
- It feels like you're saying "I love you" in English more than "Jag älskar dig" in Swedish.

You have an album coming up. It's gonna be released in 2013.
- Yes, it will be released in the end of January, hopefully. And I have just gotten back from the USA where I wrote the album with songwriters and producers over there, so it has been a lot of work and many studio sessions. It has been awesome and tough at the same time.

Will any of the songs be in Swedish?
- No.

Will we recognize the "Darin-sound" or have you found any new influences?
- There is pop and r'n'b, a little "klubbigt" (like a club-sound). Then there is ballads too, but it's in a different way. It's hard to explain.

But in the end of January we will hear the result.
- Yes!

And now we are gonna play one of the songs you did in Så Mycket Bättre, called "En apa som liknar dig"(meaning "A monkey that looks like you" in English). How was it to do your own version of an Olle Ljungström-song?
- That song was the one I looked forward to the most. I liked it before I was gonna be on the show and when I found out that Olle was going to participate it was, like, perfect.

Is it because you like monkeys? 
- Yes exactly, that's why. (laughs)

If you want to listen to the interview, you can do it here: http://www.nrj.se/blog/knappen-och-hakim/2012/11/16/darin-jag-gillar-verkligen-maja