"Det Bästa Av" out today!

As we already announced some weeks ago on our Facebook page, Sony Epic has released today a greatest hits compilation, called Det Bästa Av (The best of)". It includes some of Darin's best songs from the albums The Anthem, Darin, Break The News and Flashback. It's available to purchase in all records stores in Sweden and online on cdon.com. Here comes the cover art and the tracklist. 

1. Step Up
2. Money For Nothing
3. Perfect
4. Breathing Your Love
5. Who's That Girl
6. Why Does It Rain
7. Like No One
8. Want Ya!
9. Be What You Wanna Be
10. What If I Kissed You Now
11. What Is Love
12. Stand By Me
13. See U At The Club
14. Runaway
15. Homeless
16. Coming True

For those who have Spotify, instead, you can listen to another compilation of all the songs Darin released with Sony Music Entartainment from 2005 to 2008. It's called The Collection and you can stream it here.