Darin's interview at "Vakna med The Voice"

As previously said on our Facebook page and twitter account, Darin was guest in a Swedish radio program called Vakna Med The Voice today in early morning. 
Actually, he answered a lot of questions that we have translated into english just for you! He also played a weird but funny game. Here you go.

Tell us about Så Mycket Bättre. Was it obvious for you to say yes to it?
-  Yes it was. It was because I felt ready for it. I don't think I had said yes to it last year. It felt like it was a good way to show people who I am today and what I can do musically.

How was it over there? Really?

-  It was very intense, to be honest.

That's tiresome.

-  Yeah but it was funny at the same time. Luckily it was a good gang. We had fun and that's probably what made us manage to be there.

From what I know, you only knew Magnus Uggla from the beginning. Did you know anything about the others? They are a bit older than you too…

-  I had some knowledge about Miss Li, we've met on TV and on tour some time. I knew about Maja since I've listened to The Sounds before. Pugh and Sylvia I didn't know much about. I've listened a bit to Olle's music before, but I didn't know who he was and his history. So it was interesting to get to know all of them.

Who surprised you the most?
- Actually it was Magnus who surprised me the most. He showed a side of himself that I hadn't seen before.

Which is humble, or? (laugh)
-  Haha, well he is nice but he may be experienced to be a bit cocky, so it was nice to see another side of him.

How is everybody off-camera? Did you all hang out or were you being recorded all the time?
-  They filmed most of it. But of course we hung out when we weren't being filmed as well.

What about you and Maja? It looked like you two did some stuff together in the first two episodes. Did that die later or?
-  I think there was more of that in episode 6.

So when is your day?
-  It's not this Saturday but the next one.

What is so special about Maja then? You seemed to have clicked very well.
-  We clicked damn well right away. She's a great girl who's a bit crazy and has a good sense of humor. She was great to hang out with.

Is Så Mycket Bättre something that you might consider doing again? Or is it something you only do once in your life?
-  It feels like it's something you only do once. It's not like anything else. The show is really special and to experience those big artists singing your songs is not something that happens every day.

Have you gotten any new fans? Your old fans is crazy, and many. But have you gotten any new ones?
-  I've noticed that a new type of people has discovered my music.
Now you will get 3 challenges. One of them is SMS-roulette, you know how it works. The other is a truth-question, or you will get to sing something spontaneous here in the studio. You will get the time it takes for us to listen to your song "En apa som liknar dig" to think about what to choose.

(The song is played)

You did a great job with this song Darin! But mine and Jacob's favorite is "Astrologen".
-  My favorite is "En apa som liknar dig".

We don't give a damn about what you think! (laugh) Anyway, from what I know all of your interpretations has made it to the top 10 on iTunes. Will you keep ending up there with the songs that are left?
-  I hope so. I have one song left now, because the week after it's my day so then I won't be singing anything. Then it's the others turn to interpret my songs.

Have you been arranging all of the songs yourself?
-  I have been doing the production together with the producers. I've worked with Niklas Bergwall on "Stockholm" and "En apa som liknar dig", and then I've worked with Stefan Olsson who's the bandleader on the rest of the songs.

Is that the bandleader in Gotland?
-  Yes exactly. We did some songs from scratch in the studio just to see how I will do them live later. And some songs we have done being there, like for instance Sylvia's song from last week.

If someone did your song really bad, would you say that to them later?
-  No one did it really bad, but if they would have, I wouldn't have said it. Just that they stand there singing my song feels honorable. Then if they do it well it would have been even better, and if it had been done bad I would have been happy anyway.

Now, back to your challenge. What do you choose: SMS-roulette, truth-question or spontaneous singing?
-  I choose the SMS-roulette.

Okay, the thing that you're gonna write is "Where have you done your operation? I'm a bit up for doing one!".

(They scroll through Darin's phonebook and choose the one that comes up)

Was that person good?
-  Yes very good!

Good for you or good for the show?
-  Good for me. It's a German-Turkish singer who I've written songs for. (laughs)

Then you have to write in English!
- Yes!

(Darin sends the SMS)

So now you have sent it! To….?
-  Her name is Aynur. She's a Turk from Germany.

And you wrote to her: "Where have you done your operation? I'm a bit up for doing one!" in English. Very funny! So, has she replied to the text yet?
-  No, I don't think she's awake now.

So what are you up for this weekend? You have just finished your album so you should celebrate!
-  Yeah I have to celebrate, but first I'm gonna mix the songs. I recorded the last song in London a few days ago. Now everything is recorded and written, I just gotta mix and finish it.

When is the release date?
-  In the end of January. I haven't decided exact yet. But pretty soon.

Do you like to party in Stockholm?
- It happens. But I'm not out that often, it happens sometimes.

And then you go all in?
-  Then I go all in!

Good luck with tomorrow's show and with your new album!
-  Thank you!

The full interview is available to watch and hear below, but only if you are a Swedish language speaker.

Translated by Nathalie Pentler.