Så mycket bättre: Episode 4 and "Astrologen"

Last night's episode was something unbelievable to watch (and hear).

The program started, as always, at 20 CET on TV4. 
In the very first part, the eight artists devoted to cooking. In fact, they divided into groups and baked some lime pie to have as dessert after lunch. Darin was together with Sylvia. 
After lunchtime, they were asked to do another interesting activity. They had to make their own "snuff" with different types of tobacco. Darin and Sylvia made one with lingonberry, pear and banana flavour and then they tasted it: it was good.
Before the dinner, Magnus Uggla asked Darin if he had ever performed live drunk. His answer was not what we would have expected, though. He told him that he had once and he continued saying that it happened right before the recording of Tack för Musiken! Quite surprinsing, right? Even though he hadn't drunk that much actually, he said.
However, that funny moment then turned into a very touching one when he performed his fantastic version of Astrologen, a powerful ballad not very similar to any ballads he had done before.

At the end of the performance, Uggla embraced Darin telling that he knew he would do a great job. And we knew that as well.

The full episode is going to be uploaded here in small parts during the day, but in the meanwhile you can have a look at our photo gallery from the episode on Facebook.

The studio version of Astrologen is available on iTunes Sweden (currently charting at number 1) and Spotify. International fans, instead, can watch the live perfomance here and listen to the studio version below (until it's not removed from TV4).