Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 2 and "En apa som liknar dig"

Second episode of Så Mycket Bättre aired yesterday on TV4. It was Olle Ljungström's day and Darin came up with a great club remix of his classic hit En apa som liknar dig, which made some of contestants dance. The program started with them playing charades, but Darin probably didn't take part in it. Then they ate lunch all together and after that they went to a shooting range, where they used guns to hit the bull's eye. At the end of the game, results was shown but Darin's didn't appear. Later on, it was dinner time and each partecipant sang his song. It got very emotional for everyone when Magnus Uggla sang Jag och min far, but then the atmosphere turned out very "disco" with Darin's perfomance. Olle particularly liked Darin's performance and ironically suggested Darin to change his name to Durin when singing in Swedish.
The full episode will be available to watch soon, meanwhile you can have a look at our photo gallery on Facebook.

The studio version of En apa som liknar dig is available on iTunes Sweden (currently charting at number 3) and Spotify. International fans, instead, can both listen to it and watch the live performance below.

Thanks to: Cassandra Hemdal.