Så mycket bättre: Episode 3 and "I Can't Get You Off My Mind"

Saturday night is always something to look forward to. Third episode of Så Mycket Bättre was broadcast yesterday on TV4.
This time it was Miss Li's day and Darin replaced the dance style he showed in the first two episodes with a romantic soul song, which fitted perfectly his voice. The episode started with the contestants 
playing football, mainly because Li(nda) used to play it a lot when she was a child. After that, it was time for lunch and Darin performed a fantastic version of I Can't Get You Off My Mind, one of Miss Li's most recent songs. Later on, he got close to Linda and talked to her while she was sewing, telling her that he would like to go shopping with her one day. Then they had a guess-the-song competition, so they got to hear the intro of a song played on a guitar by some boys in the band and guess which song it was and what's more, they also had to sing a little part of it. Darin guessed Jackson 5, who were the right artists, but then he was mistaken on the song title twice before he came up with Blame It On The Boogie, which was the right one.

The full episode is going to be uploaded here in small parts during the day, but in the meanwhile you can have a look at our photo gallery on Facebook.

The studio version of I Can't Get You Off My Mind is available on iTunes Sweden (currently charting at number 3) and Spotify. International fans, instead, can watch the live perfomance here and listen to the studio version right below.