"Tack för musiken" premiere

Darin is going to appear on the swedish television again. No, it's not Så mycket bättre. This time is SVT's turn, where Tack för musiken, a six-week tv show featuring Darin that was recorded at the Maxim theatre in Stockholm during last spring, premieres on November 30th.

The host of the tv-program, Niklas Strömstedt, will play, sing and talk about music with the six artists invited in the studio. Lena Philipsson is the protagonist of the first episode and, unfotunately, we still don't know the day in which Darin will take part in it. However, we are surely going to watch him sing some of his best hits and talk about old memories of his career. 

Hopefully, the show will be broadcast on svtplay.se, so that all international fans can watch it. Stay tuned for more updates!

EDIT: Darin is taking part in the show on December 28th, together with Lo-Fi-Fnk, a Swedish electropop duo.