Darin nominated at Gaygalan 2013

In February, Darin has performed Nobody Knows live for the first time at Gaygalan, an important event taking place every year in Sweden based on celebrating gay people. During the evening, important people, mostly music artists not only from the gay community, are given awards for something they have done during the past year.

In 2013, Darin might be there again. In fact, he has been nominated in two out of fourteen categories: Best Swedish Song ((with Astrologen) and Best Artist. The TV4's show Så Mycket Bättre has also got a nomination for Best TV Program.
Unfortunately, voting is only open to Swedish people, since it has to be confirmed through text message. If you're Swedish and want to vote, just go here and click on the three photos of Darin. Then follow the next steps.
Can we take Darin to that stage again?