Så Mycket Bättre: Episode 6 and "Seven Days A Week"

Yesterday's Så Mycket Bättre episode brought back Darin's dance music style on tv. Nice, but perhaps not accidental, was the fact that he was the last one to perform, just like in the first episode.

The first thing that Darin did was to give an opinion about the group and the atmosphere they were living in. He said that sometimes he can be very sociable and that it's very good to live there because, in case he needs something, even just to talk, then he can go and knock on someone's door.

Anyway, the first activity they did was karate, which Darin found exciting. They started training for a while and they all did well. After lunch, they went to the beach for the second activity. Each of them made his own kite and then they made them fly together. It looked like the perfect day for that activity, since the weather was windy and Darin's kite went high up in the sky. Maja said that she had chosen that activity because, for her, the flying kite symbolizes freedom. Darin totally agreed: freedom is something very important to him because of everything that his parents had to get through.

Later on, Darin and Magnus went by car to get something to make drinks from. Darin was searching for Redbull to mix with, so they went to a filling station to look for some but it wasn't open. Nothing was open actually, so they ended up taking some white wine that they found back at the house.

It soon got time for dinner and the artists made their performances. Darin's interpretation of Seven Days a Week was breathtaking and it was great to see how much he got into the song. Maja loved it, and she certainly couldn't do differently. They hugged for a long time saying "I love you" to each other on repeat. Then Maja said "Let's get married?" and Darin answered "Let's get married!", so they went out of the house holding each other and Darin even told the others "Now we're off to get married! We're going to Vegas". Now we get what Darin meant saying that they clicked very well.

The studio version of Seven Days a Week is available on iTunes Sweden (currently charting at number 2) and Spotify. International fans, not only can you watch Darin's live performance below, but you can now also watch the full episode divided into two parts and in high quality!
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