Tv Guiden - Darin: "I was going to jump off"

Darin made a short interview for a swedish tv magazine, talking about Så mycket bättre and his feelings on his day.

When I stepped off the plane, I thought "Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?", laughs Darin Zanyar when the TV guide sees him to talk about Så Mycket Bättre.
But despite that dizzy moment there in Gotland, he never hesitated to say yes. The fact that many of the other artists were way older than Darin did not scare him.
Darin's 25 years made him the youngest in the program, but he never minded.
-  There was no focus on age. I never label someone looking at me differently. But yes, it was incredibly awesome, the feeling that "on the scene there are great artists, and they're singing my songs."

During his life, he has mostly hang out with friends who are not musicians, it was rousing to hang with other artists. They understand each other, he says.

-  Actually, you're such in a good mood when you're appearing on TV. Generally, musicians are very humble and good at lifting each other up.

In Darin's own day, the other both learnt to work in traffic and had the chance to leave a lasting contribution in Gotland.

-  I wanted to leave a memory of Gotland with our stay there, so when it was my day, everybody painted a wall at the gas station in Burgsvik.

Sometimes, when the music does not occupy every waking moment, he would like to devote more time to art. He loves oil painting, but many people don't know. And that's also the reason why he wanted to be in the program.

-  I want people to get a new picture of me. It's clear that I will always be that young guy, I was only 17 when I joined Idol, but a lot has happened since then.

He hopes to surprise.

-  I have never seen so much as a person. A program like this will be the chance for people to discover new sides of me.

Translated with Google, edited by Savi.