Expressen: "Time for Darin to move on"

It's time to get rid of the monkey, the astrologer and the other successes. The time has come for Darin to go on. Yesterday, he took his first next step.

Not only did he rule in television during the autumn of last year. Darin's interpretations of "Så Mycket Bättre" has kept on dominating radio and charts this year.
But now Darin's focus is on his own, English-speaking career. In a week the 25-year old's sixth album, "Exit", is released. Initially in all Nordic countries, eventually - if everything goes well - in the rest of the world.

First on the agenda: a secret mini gig in Stockholm yesterday. - What fun that so many people could come, said Darin when he got up on the small stage.
Even though marginally more crowded than around the dining table in "mycket bättre", but that's another story.

Although Darin topped the Swedish album chart four times, it's now, it's going to happen. It's now time for Darin to hit for real. There is now a huge crowd who saw him on TV to be convinced that he is more than a hellish cover singer.
That he has vocal abilities of the ordinary's indisputable.
Now it's the time for Darin to find a winning expression. From yesterday's brief concert, he apparently started well his way. His new material seems accurate and his voice increasingly resembles a diamond.
But what impresses the most is the self-confidence that Darin keeps having live on television.

It's almost ten years since the shy teenager went through the TV screen in "Idol". Last fall, he repeated the trick television, and in 2012 he seemed a lot more than a sweet teenage talent.
He sounds as if he's asking the closed world to add their feet. It sounds like a good first step.

Interview in Swedish (by Anders Nunstedt):