New single "So Yours" out in Europe in March

The closer we get to the release of Darin's new album Exit, the more surprises we get.
On February 22nd a new single called So Yours is out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It's totally different from Playing With Fire, its beats have nothing to do with club music. It's more of a mixture of pop and rock, quite similar to One Direction's music style. And it's not included in the tracklist of the new album which is out on January 30th across Scandinavia.

The single is going to be released all over Europe in March as well and might be the first single from an international version of Exit or maybe a brand new album for the international market.
German fans can pre-order the single now on Amazon.

You can stream the full lenght version of the song right below, released on YouTube from Darin's German label.