"Playing With Fire" out today!

Playing With Fire is finally out and we couldn't expect Darin to release a better single to start the Exit Era. Opposite to Nobody Knows, this is actually Darin's hottest and dancest song so far, with amazing beats and a breakdown that Justin Timberlake would surely envy. We can't wait to see it breaking all the charts!

The single is available to purchase on iTunes SwedenNorwayFinland and also Spotify and WiMP. You can also pre-order the full album on iTunes which is out on January 30th in Sweden and on February 1st in Norway.


  1. It is the BEST song of Darin's woohoo! Love you loads Darin!

  2. Good Luck frm India

  3. FOr "EXIT"
    27.30 dollars to usa OK
    The number of songs has not been clarified.
    Thank you to clarify for the public that is the law.


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