Svd Kultur: "Darin is ready for a second breakthrough"

BACK - Darin broke through 2004 in Idol. With "Så Mycket Bättre", he made a second breakthrough. On Wednesday he releases his sixth album of personal lyrics about love.
- I think the girls feel at home but I have not talked to those I sing about,
says Darin.

On Tuesday ​​Darin made a showcase at Elverket in Stockholm with a few invited guests. Three songs were performed ​​and it became clear that Darin has a good voice.

Right in the dance genre it doesnt always come out how good someone sings because it mixes with the sound and puts effects on ittoo much, that the genuine voice is produced away.
Yes, so it is with this kind of music, agrees Darin.

Can you imagine making an album in a different genre, more acoustic?
- Yeah, it's not impossible. I listen to all kinds of music, so we'll see.

What do you listen to?
- Modern classical music, reggae, pop, soul and alternative music.

When we meet the day after the show, he looks happy. He is still amazed that there was such a resurrection out of "Så Mycket Bättre". When he was asked to join, he accepted immediately.
- I wanted to show what I can do musically, and who I am today.

Are you so nervous when you have to sing your version?
- Yes, it's a completely different situation compared to going up and run a regular gig with your own songs. Here are the people who wrote the songs in front of you. So you want to make it extra good. I didn't know how Olle Ljungström would react when I did "Apan" extremely club, house and modern. Before I went there, I was worried that the me and the participants would not click. It felt like the first day of school.

When the two first episodes aired, he was still in Los Angeles, where the new album was recorded.
- It was only when I got home that I realized how big it was. That song was played everywhere.

His interpretations of Olle Ljungströms "En Apa Som Liknar Dig" and Magnus Uggla "Astrologen" ended up in the top on Spotify, iTunes and singles charts.

Kilometers of column about his flirt with Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds were written. Were they a couple or not? The headlines screamed: "They're dating on the sly" and "They seemed to love each other".
- We are just friends, but she is a raw beautiful person, says Darin today.

So it was not the great love?
- No.

In "Så Mycket Bättre" Darin began to cry in front of the cameras when he talked about his parents' escape from Kurdistan and Iran-Iraq because of the war in the late 1970s.
- I thought, "Come on! No!" But then came the tears. In retrospect, I feel that it was good to release feelings. What my parents experienced affects me all the time and I think that I have been doing very well and don't take anything for granted. We talk most Swedish home but it switches to the Kurdish occasionally. It's a mixed language that only we get it, haha.

On the new album Darin sings a lot about love. I make a brief summary of what the text is about and add a little iffy when I introduce it to him: "Playing With Fire" if it turns to hell, "Before I Pass Out" that girls looks better the more you drink, "Surrender" about a girl who had been with another but now you can finally dare to tell us what you know, "What It's like" about what it is like to be in love, "F Your Love" to leave someone, "Check You Out" about checking out a girl which makes your heart beat wildly, "Same Old Song" when it's over, "That Love" to love and do not get enough, and "Nobody Knows" that no one knows what love is.
Darin laughs and says I'm right. Partly in all cases.
- It was very good! Although there is much to add. The lyrics are quite personal. "Playing With Fire" is more sexy and danceable, while "Surrender" has deeper lyrics about a long relationship.

At the airport there is a big poster of Darin, along with many other Swedish celebrities. "Welcome to my hometown, Darin, artist", one can read. It's said that Darin usually takes a picture of himself every time he walks pass.
- No. I've done it twice. Those who passed by thought it was funny and laughed a little.

On his debut album The Anthem after "Idol" Darin worked with Max Martin and RedOne. His braces smile appeared everywhere and Robyn's song "Money For Nothing" was number one.
- Without 'Idol', I don't think I would have had the same impact. But it was the first season and a whole new thing.