En helkväll med Lena Philipsson: Darin and Lena back to the scene together

Do you remember the show Darin recorded with Lena Philipsson in January, En helkväll med Lena Philipsson? Well, it means "A night with Lena Philipsson" and it finally aired today on SVT, Swedish Television. During the show, Darin sang a duet with Lena on one of her songs.
Darin and Lena have known since Darin started his career. In 2005, they toured together with Magnus Uggla. That's why during tonight's show, they joked about an old press conference they made at that time, in which they said they were like three generations being put together, and that Magnus could be Darin's grandfather and Lena his mother.

You can watch the perfomance of Månsken i augusti right below. Darin's vocals surely made the song better than the original.