Aftonbladet - Darin: "I'm single and living life"

Mixing party and love in the new album: Feel good now.
Darin, 25, had an artistic crisis and went to the US, recorded with american super producers and partied with Christina Aguilera. The result: his most personal album so far.
- I have been through everything on the album, he says to Nöjesbladet.

Darin had a new album done in April last year but he didn't feel happy with it so he started fresh.
- It felt like I was stuck. It was a big step to take, but I didn't want to release anything that wasn't 100. I don't regret the decision.

He left Stockholm and went to Los Angeles for an intense period. In one month he wrote 25 songs.
- The producer Jim Beanz and I wrote six songs in five days. One night we were up until 5 in the morning and wrote. It feels good that things turned out well.
The USA trip resulted in the album "Exit" that was released last Wednesday. Despite all the hard work there was a little time for rest.

There were many parties in the lobby at the hotel I stayed at. There were many actors and musicians, one night Christina Aguilera was there.

He doesn't want to give any examples of things from his life that ended up on the album. - It came naturally when I wrote the lyrics. I wanted to share more. These songs feel extra much, they can speak for themselves.

On the album happy songs about going out and party are mixed with delicate love ballads. Darin says that it reflects his personality.
- I'm very up and down. One second I might want to go out and party and the next go to bed instead. It can be reversed also. My friends can get irritated by that.

Many of the songs is about love and relationships that ended. Do you have bad luck in love?
- Both. I have experienced both sides, both very good and tough. Now '’m single and living life. I feel very good right now and I'm happy that things are going well with the music.

The album ends with the track "Nobody Knows" that is about what love is.
- I think I never will get to know that. Nobody knows that.

What would you like it to be?
That it is for real. I believe in the spiritual more than in the science when it comes to love and I want the energies to correspond.

Darin about...
...singing in Swedish: It's not impossible that I write in Swedish in the future. Many have said that they think I should do that after Så Mycket Bättre.
...Maja Ivarsson: We are friends now. We haven't seen each other that much. None of the songs are about her but maybe in the future.
...interpreting others' songs: It was very fun to interpret and I'm glad they liked it. But it was a once in a lifetime thing. I prefer making music from scratch.

Interview in Swedish (by Jacob Nilsson):
Translated by Nathalie Pentler.