Musikplats Stockholm 2013: full show

Today Darin took part in an event called Musikplats Stockholm, organised by Swedish radio P4. It was broadcast live on the radio channel and it was his first show in Stockholm in a while - which made a lot of people enthusiastic.
During the show, Darin sang 5 songs: Same Old Song, Surrender, F Your Love, Astrologen and (for the first time ever) Check You Out.

Between the songs he talked a little bit with the host. He said, among other things, that he was so happy that there were so many people there. He also told the listeners a bit about the making of Exit and mentioned that the other songs that he trashed haven't been pitched out to anyone yet.
He also said he wasn't happy with the performance of Astrologen in Så Mycket Bättre, and thought that he shouldn't watch the episode it was in. So when he was at his parents' house the episode aired and he was sleeping because he was jetlaged. But he woke up all the time, hearing the loud volume from the TV and went to the living room watching the show anyway. His parents were happy with the performance, and he trusted them.

You can watch the full live show below. Enjoy!