Darin live at Nyhetsmorgon on 2 February 2013

Some days ago, Darin was a guest in the TV4's program Nyhetsmorgon and he performed two songs from his new album Exit: Surrender, F Your Love and Same Old Song. He also had a talk with the hosts, and here it is fully translated into english.

- Thank you very much!

We have a lot to talk about, but we start with the acclaimed album. It was a pretty tough period in your life.
- Yes, it was, about two years ago. December 2010 - January 2011.

Why did you end up in that situation?
- I really don't know. I stopped singing for some time. In the end, I noticed that I wasn't singing anymore. I always sing. But now I sing all the time, it's always something I've done, at home, on my spare time... It's perhaps a sign that I'm fine. It made ​​me take a little break. I started to travel quite a lot, over a fairly long period, seven months. Just to get back the energy that makes me love music.

Have you thought about what it was that made you ended up in that situation?
- That's what I don't know. I felt that it was not the music, and I couldn't imagine working with anything else. But at the same time, I had no desire to sing. I felt that I needed to get back my energy. I was pretty tired and I just wanted to be, and also to find myself.

Was it close to you, to stop working with music?
- No, I knew that I wouldn't do that. But I didn't know how long it would take, to get back the urge to work with music.

Did you write anything during that period?
- No, not so much. I started writing after I had traveled, and gained back my energy. I remember when I was in Brazil. I started to sing a little. I got back my energy and it helped me to just shut it all out and go away and do something else.

You became so famous very early ,and recognized by people in Sweden, in your life and soon you will be 26.
- There have been many moments when I couldn't be with my friends when they, for example, went out and partied. But at the same time it's a choice that I have made. I hadn't been where I am today if I hadn't made those choices. There is nothing that I regret. I think it was a mixture of so many things. I felt I was pretty tired, at the same time I hadn't that time that you need when grown up.

This led to something good. You decided to take control of your own situation.
- I decided then, when I came back, or when it was in the beginning, just before I traveled. That I ​​would take care of everything myself. I was my own management over a fairly long period. But now I have a management, luckily. Because that's pretty much right now, hehe. But of course it was a pretty big step to take care of everything myself. Everything from, booking meetings abroad and in Sweden, meet lawyers, book studio sessions and trips and make my own business deals myself. It was pretty good for me, I think I needed it. As I said earlier, If I hadn't done what I had done, I wouldn't be where I am today.

How did they treated you when you came? Did you get extra respect? "The fact that this is a guy who takes care of everything himself". Was it strange for them to meet you?
- It wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. However, I noticed that they were more engaging, because I was so engaging in everything. They thought it was more fun, it was just nice for me that it was such good reactions. It felt as if you had needed a management, as lucky I have it and need it today. Otherwise, I hadn't had time to do everything myself.

Does that mean that you have taken care of your career and been able to maintain it? Now, when you say you have a management, today. But you still have retained some stuff that you let others do to you, before.
- Of course! I am much more involved. It has felt like a natural process, ever since I started. I have always been involved in music and career. But then, it has become more and more, and then I felt two years ago: "Now I have to take the big step". I felt I needed it, I wanted to know and learn about all the different parts of this business.

What have you learned? The most important thing?
- How to build up everything from scratch. When you start with a project or album. Able to set up a studio sessions with producers. From that to make a whole new album. Because I was finished with one album, during that time when I took care of everything myself. But then I felt it wasn't the right style. Then I started from scratch, in February. Otherwise I wouldn't have had the new album, Exit. So that is what I learned.

Let us say that you want to do something completely different. Then you have the experience, and greater chance. And then it will not be as scary to take care of your life and manage it yourself.
- Yes, this is true!

Your sixth album, which among other is written with producers like, Jim Beanz, The Jackie Boyz and many more. There are people who have worked with Adele, Madonna, Timbaland and others. How did you manage that? After all it's very famous people who many want to work with.
- Already on the first album, I got to work with some big producers, from Sweden. We have many talented from here, such as RedOne, Max Martin, Jörgen Elofsson. But then I felt it would be fun to try and work with new producers and songwriters, and be able to get some new inspiration. Just when I would start with the album, I signed a record deal but for songwriters. And it was with BMG Chrysalis and my own A&R who is in Germany. I had a meeting with them, I think it was in October. I went over there and said I want to work with this one and this one... then he called over there to the producers, and I got a yes from most of them. I went there a week after, the meeting and began working with Jim Beanz.

I guess they don't just say yes to everyone?
- No! So I was incredibly happy that I got to work with one of my favorite songwriters who has written songs that I listen to. It was incredibly fun, but a little nervous because I hadn't worked with them before. And I didn't had so long time to finish the album.

I think you have grown a lot as a songwriter, especially lyrically. And in your new album, you have songs that is about everything from happy love to unrequited love, and different relationships, and so on. Is there anything on this album that reflects what you have been through, during these two years?
- No, not on this album. But I've been much more personal in the lyrics, on this album's songs. It was something that came quite naturally. The text is probably what I have developed the most over the last few years. I have always had easy for melodies. But the text has been the hardest part, when I've written before. Precisely on this album, I wanted to focus extra on it. And then it felt natural to write songs that, I myself have experienced.

Was it hard to let it go, to expose yourself?
- Yes, of course. But at the same time it felt nevertheless quite natural.

You have a song called "Surrender" which you will sing later and the song is very open. It's about a relationship, a girl and guy. An unhappy love, from the guy's side. From Darin's side, perhaps? - Haha. It's hard to talk about it, like this. It's so much easier if you sit and write because it feels natural. When you do it with the music. The songs speaks pretty much for themselves.

The people you have written about, do you think they know who they are?
- I think so, haha.

Many also say that you've got your second breakthrough. "OMG, I thought, he hasn't even become 26 years old". You said yes directly to "Så mycket bättre". We will see a clip when you interpret Olle's song, "En apa som liknar dig". How does it feel to see that?
- It was really fun. It was an incredibly awesome week. You got to experience so much unsettled, in such a short time.

What was your relationship to the artists, before? - The only one that I knew before was Magnus. I had met Miss Li once. But otherwise, I didn't knew them before. Besides Magnus, but it was the thing, before. I was nervous, because it would be hard if you don't get along with anyone. You had a lump in your stomach the first day, when we would meet all the artist at the airport. Then I met Linda (Miss Li) directly, and she felt the same thing and then the nervousness was gone.

Do you notice that you've got an elder audience? - Yes, of course. It feels as if you have opened your eyes for an audience that you haven't had before. It's incredibly awesome. There are people of all ages who come to me and want to talk. It's fun.

When it was your day (in Så Mycket Bättre), you told very emotional about how your parents fled and managed to get to Sweden from Kurdistan. This is a long story which I know means a lot to you and that you carry with you throughout your life. How do you think you have been affected that your parents actually have fled for their lives? And then to come here and give birth to you! - I think it has made me appreciate things more than what I might have done. And don't take things for granted. I think often that I have it very good. You have it very good here. When I think about everything they've been through.

We'll show a picture of your dad. You put it on Instagram. Really nice picture! You're not very much different. The picture was taken before the escape.
- Exactly! I think it was 1969.

You were born in Sweden. You are Swedish, and all that. Have you experienced racism or anything like it, during your childhood?
- No, not extremely!

It has been so much talk about the Sweden democrats in the fall and winter. What do you think when you hear it? - It's incredibly sad. For me it has always been obvious, how I at least see things. I don't separate people, I judge people who they are and how they behave.

You have your parents' background and you live an international life in some way. You're going to Amsterdam, later today, for example. You've spent a lot of time in the U.S.. Do you see yourself as a person who is Swedish, living in Sweden or more as an international person?
- I think it is becoming more and more because it's so easy to get everywhere. It's pretty nice that you can just go away, for example, to Berlin, Australia... I like it. And as I said before I don't see people like that, "she's blonde, he's black, she's white..." I look at people as they are.

Do you think you would have been international, even if you hadn't worked with what you do today? Would you have still liked to just go away?
- I think so, it's in the family. I have traveled a lot since I was young with my family. And it's the same with my sister, she has, for example, lived in Australia, Spain...

We will see a clip from your time in Idol because it's something that you're proud of, that you've been through, right?
- Yes, exactly!

What happened to that guy?
- It feels like I was so much more shier back then, hehe. And it was so long time ago. But I'm still happy with the performance.

There is a lot going on right now. Among other things, you will go out for promotion and perform... Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö! - Yes, in April. I haven't performed in a while, so I'm looking forward to it. The first is 17th of April at Cirkus in Stockholm and then Gothenburg and Malmö.

Wonderful. It was really nice to meet you. Good luck!
- Thank you very much!

The interview ended with them showing Darin's Spotify playlist and he said what he had on the list. Darin said also that he will probably need glasses soon. He has bad sight.

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Translated by darinnewz.se