GayGalan: Darin wins "Artist of the year"

It's been an amazing night for Darin at QX GayGalan.
The show was recorded last tuesday, but aired tonight on TV4, while he was having a little concert in a city in the north of Sweden. During the Gala, several awards were given to people who marked the past year in music, arts and in the society.
Darin perfomed Playing With Fire live for the first time, and it was amazing. It began with an intro of Astrologen, then the band came on stage in a very cool way. The lights, the screens, Darin's confindence and vocals made the performance perfect. When we watched the first photos from the show, we thoght "why are there no dancers?" but then we realized, they were totally unnecessary.

He was nominated in two categories: Best Swedish Song with Astrologen and Artist Of The Year. However, he won the award for Artist Of The Year, the most appropriate and deserved in our opinion. One more time, congratulations Darin!

Right below you can watch the perfomance and the moment when he got the prize. Enjoy!