Darin writes for David Lindgren

Our amazing Darin is ready to show again his great ability as a songwriter. Together with Tony Nilsson, he wrote a song for David Lindgren's upcoming album Ignite The Beat, out in Sweden on April 3rd. It's called Move That Thing and it's a dance pop track which might have been part of the tracklisting of the EP that Darin scratched last year. It also features Darin's backing vocals, you can notice when it says "I'm blessed-so blessed-I'm blessed". Listen to the song right below!

Source: Scandipop.


  1. I'm not "so yours"
    I do not like it

  2. SO YOURS has not been written for the Swedish, this song was written for the international and this is the opinion of international producers who have not the opinion of Swedish. The video is the American style is an opening to the outside. The French, Germans and Americans agree


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