Darin at "Fredagkväll Med Malin"

Last week, Darin was a guest in the Swedish tv program Fredagkväll Med Malin (Friday night with Malin). They talked about Darin's career and the new album, Exit. Check out the interview right below.

About ten years ago: tonight's entertainer broke through and became known all over Sweden. He is one of our biggest pop stars. Finally we will hang out with Darin! Hold on... here we go!

Yes! We are at Darin's record label. Now, let us wait for Darin. We are inside!

- Howdy!
Here he comes.. hi! Say hello to our tv-viewers.
- Hello. Hope you're doing good!

Is it you who tossed down the instrument in the Aquarium?
- Of course, hehe.

I heard that every fish has an artist name. Is there a Darin fish?

- Yes, that one.

Look what they have written about you, here: "It's almost ten years since he was in Idol. Last fall, he repeated the TV trick. In 2012 he sounds more than a sweet teenage talent. He wants to put the world at his feet."
- Wow!

Sometimes you seem shy. Are you?
- No, not shy. Perhaps more calm.

And then you become explosive on stage?
- Yes. It happens something, then. I feel even more myself on stage.

How long have you known that you should stand on a stage? - As long as I can remember, I started singing at the age of three. When I was 14, I started writing songs for other artists. Then I got a record deal after Idol, when I was 17.

What was it like to be famous?
- I have always wanted to be that but I didn't think it would become so big. Then it was easy to become reclusive and even more shy. But I took the chance I got.

How is it to be famous?
- Yesterday a friend asked me: "isn't it hard when people come to you?". It's not difficult at all. People are nice. They would usually just give a compliment. If someone likes me, I like the person back.

Isn't it strange to see yourself in magazines?
-"Oh, here I am in a major newspaper"? Well, if you aren't prepared for it. "what do they have written this time?".

Are they just nice in the magazines?
- Mostly.

Have you been angry at some point? For example when they don't like an album?
-Yes, but it must have been someone's review... or a concert? But you can't always get positive criticism.

Of course, if you worked with it a long time then you want people to like it. Then you can get actually sad if they write bad things.
- You're just a human being.

Your new album is on business. How is it when an album gets released?
- Right now I do interviews and planning tv appearances. And so, I've signed CDs.

How many?
- 2 000.

How long did it take to sign?
- It took three hours.

About F Your Love:
- I wanted to write a song, it didn't matter that I was tired. And so I wrote this. Five on at night I was done.

The truth is that you would release an album last year, but regretted and trashed it all. Darin tossed an whole album.
- I couldn't release an album - it didn't feel like "me". I couldn't stand for the sound, so I decided to start over. It was a difficult decision, because the album was finished. To tell everyone, that I didn't want to release it was difficult. Luckily, I got a lot of support from everyone I worked with.

Your new album is called Exit. Why that name?
- Many of the lyrics are about a difficult relationship that I ended. At the same time, it felt like me as an artist... It was a new era for me. Therefore "Exit" fit perfectly.

Did it went fast when you started over?
- Yes. I went to the United States and wrote there. I wrote the album in a month.

Isn't it scary to go to the United States and meet new songwriters?
- I didn't know if there would be an album at all, so I was a little worried. But already the first week I had a bunch of songs. I wrote 25 songs that month. It's shown in the songs that you have a lot of fun in the studio.

Where do you find inspiration?
- Lyrically... The lyrics have been much more personal. I have written about things that I experienced.

What's personal in them?
- There are a lot of different stuff. All the songs are about different things.

Can you give an example?
- No. The lyrics speak for themselves.

Great to meet you.
- Thank you. It's been great!

This week's Friday gift!
- What is it?

A gift for you, from our tv-viewers.
- Thank you! You're kidding! Thank you so much! How nice! Thank you!

Check It Out!
- Michael Jackson!

Is it one of your favorites?
- Yes. My favorite on this album is probably "Billy Jean" and "Human Nature".

You get an applause. You are awesome at singing, oh my God!
- Thank you!

Now let's say goodbye.
- Thanks for watching!

Goodbye, Darin!

Translated by Darin Newz.