NRJ Finland - Star of the week: Darin

Last week, Darin was the "Star of the Week" in the Finnish NRJ Radio. During the week, some of his song were played and on Friday 15th, Darin had a quick phone chat with a deejay called DJ Dosse. Here it goes.

I've been working on my new album since three years ago. I had the finished album about one year ago but I wasn't happy with the album so I actually threw it away and started from scratch, which was a big step but I thought "I can't release anything if it doesn't feel 100%"- So I went to New York first and started working with Jim Beanz, a new producer that I hadn't met before so I didn't know how was going to be, but we actually wrote half of the album in one week and he's really cool, he's been working with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, so..

Shit, some big names there! And you've also been working with other artists as I should say, cause you've been producing yourself lately.
- Yeah, exactly. I wrote a lot of songs for other artists as well and that's something I wanna do more in the future as well.

Yeah, it's like a routine for you.
- Exactly, that's actually where I started before I became an artist. I started writing songs for other artists and then I got my own record deal and started writing even more for myself. So that's definitely something I can see myself do in the future at the same time.

Oh, wow. So if you're looking for something totally different you call me, okay? I produce, you know? I'm a producer myself, wink wink.. haha, just kidding.
- Hahaha.

But anyway, we've been actually hammering your track Playing With Fire, it's play-listed on us at NRJ Finland.
- Oh cool, I'm glad to hear, thanks.

And actually I have to tell you (this) because I do a lot of club deejay. From what I heard from my colleagues, my collab deejays in Finland , they're like in awe of your sound, like the new sound you've been cooking up. It's really fresh and the comments are somewhat like "why do the Swedish guys always have a better sounding?". I mean  better sound quality, you know, better production, everything's better, more like polished than us here in Finland.
- Haha, that's cool.

Can you answer that for me? Because I'm stuck.
- That song is actually American produced but..

Okay well, that is the answer (laughs).
- Yeah, exactly. Jim Beanz produced that track and I wrote the song so.. that one is not Swedish produced, that one is American produced.

Okay but it's partly yours, so.. it's actually part Swedish.
- Yeah, that's right. Swedish producers are really good, I mean some of the biggest producers are from Sweden, I don't know why..

They're crazy good!
- It's pretty cool like when you go to L.A. for example and work with producers there, everyone's like "Sweden here, Sweden there". So the Swedish producers are some of the biggest over there, like Max Martin etc..

So when you go to L.A., half of the producers' last names are something like Andersson or..
- Exactly (laughs).