People Magazine South Africa: "Off the record with Darin"

He's come a long way since competing in Swedish Idol, and with this many hits behind him, Darin has become one of the biggest pop stars to have ever come out of Sweden. El Broide chats to him.

You've just released your new album Exit. What makes this album different from the others?
- This album is more personal, especially lyric wise, and the sound is very modern, but still there's a mix of up-tempo songs, mid-tempo and ballads. I named the album "Exit" because I'm in a place in my life where I feel like I've finished a lot of things and left that behind me and at the same time started so many new things that I look forward to.

You've worked with the likes of Kat Deluna and Lil Jon. Which other singer are you keen to work with?

- I'm almost addicted to Adele's music these days. I think she has a fantastic voice, so definitely her.

Which song of yours means the most to you?
- "Like No One". It's a song that I've dedicated to my fans and as a musician, nothing is as important as your fans.

Which song in the new album became the most challenging?
- "Playing With Fire" because the production in that song was really important, but Jim Beanz did a great job with it.

Did you ever think people in South Africa would listen to your music?
- No, I didn't. I'm really happy to hear that people listen to my music there. I've only been there once, but I'd love to go back and tour. Cape town is one of my favourite cities.

How did you feel when you found out your first single, Money For Nothing, went number one?
- That was such a long time ago so I can't remember the exact feeling, but I was really happy. It's an incredible feeling.