Darin at Mix Megapol Göteborg

This week Darin went to Göteborg to make some radio promotion. Here comes the interview he gave to Mix Megapol.

Are you with us in Stockholm, Darin?
Yes, hello! How are you?

We're fine thanks, how are you?
- I'm fine thank you!

Did you have a good easter?
- Yes. I've slept for like 3 days.

Wow! Why?
- I hadn't been free for a long time, so I was like "now I’m just gonna go home and sleep!"

You took some easter eggs and then went to sleep.
- Yeah. Like, sleep, eat, sleep...

What a nice web page you've got!
- Thank you!

Darinofficial.com. Is it updated?
- Yeah, kinda.

There are photos, and people can listen to your music and stuff..
- I thought that I could connect my Facebook page and Instagram to it, so it gets a bit more modern, instead of the regular news updates.

You were in Mix Megapol’s Fjällkalas in Sälen. How did you experience that?
- It was a great audience there, I remember. Me and the band had much fun. Afterwards we had an after party, so that was fun too.

You said you got to sleep 3 days now, because you've had so much to do. What have you been doing?
- I've planned my tour, so I've had meetings with the band. About lights, the stage and stuff. I've also been in Germany and in LA before that to record a music video.

What do you want people to feel when they see you on stage?
- I want to get the live feeling out. It's gonna be a very big band, and we're gonna rehearse much musically. Maybe remake the old songs and do new versions. I don't want to reveal too much, but it’s gonna be great!

Will there be dancing, from you?
- I won't have that many dancers, we're gonna focus more on the music. Of course I'm gonna move around on stage. I hope the audience will move too.

Have you been requested to take part in "Let’s Dance"?
- I did get a request, the first year. But I don't know if I wanna do that.

I thought that Olle Ljungström should be very glad that you two have met.
- You're thinking about "En apa som liknar dig", or?

Yes. I mean, the one writing the song sure gets some money, right?
- Yes, there will be some money. It's pretty funny, because I listened to that song a lot when I was younger. I recognized him, which many people may not have thought.

Then you were in Fredagkväll med Malin, a TV show for children. There the viewers got to follow you to the record label. It was very fancy!
- It's my second home.

Thank you very much for being with us Darin!
- Thank you!

For Swedish people who missed it, the interview is available to listen here.
Translated by Nathalie Pentler.