#DarinTour2013 premiere in Stockholm

Darin's long-awaited tour started yesterday at Cirkus, in Stockholm. The arena was so full of people, and most of them weren't expecting to watch such an amazing show.

The stage was something that we hadn't seen since the Pure Desire Tour and the colorful lights made everything even more magical. But what was really unexpected was the set list: twenty songs ranging from Darin's biggest hits to some of his best songs that are probably not very known.

1. Surrender
2. Stockholm
3. Step Up
4. Runaway
5. Same Old Song
6. Playing With Fire
7. Viva La Vida
8. Flashback
9. Astrologen (with Magnus Uggla)
10. Strobelight
11. I'll Be Alright/12. Why Does It Rain/13. Who's That Girl
14. Check You Out
15. You're Out Of My Life
16. Money For Nothing
17. Want Ya!
18. Lovekiller
19. En apa som liknar dig
20. Nobody Knows

You can take a look to our photos from the show on Facebook and watch Darin's video of the best moments from the show right below.

Next stop: Göteborg - TONIGHT!

 We've just found out that someone has uploaded the full concert on YouTube! It's divided in 8 parts, you can watch the videos after clicking on the "read more".