Expressen - Nunstedt: "Darin has got big"

If anyone happened to miss it: Darin has gotten big. He has a big voice, a big success and a big band behind him. But the biggest thing is still his talent.

Cirkus is completely full and Darin isn't that stupid not to realize the reason why it is. After nicely starting the show with Surrender, behind his electric piano, he jumps up and sings Pugh's Stockholm. He has Magnus Uggla as a guest in Astrologen and lets En Apa Som Liknar Dig be the first encore.
This tour can become one of the summer's biggest, and that's partly because of Darin's successful participation in "Så Mycket Bättre". Darin'ss ardor and technical skills made him one of the country's best cover singers a long time ago, and he has just gotten better (on the other hand Viva La Vida feels worn out, but that's just a parenthesis).
Backed up with a huge band - eleven musicians, two choir singers - it all sounds more powerful than before.

Still, the band hasn't found all keys. Some hits that worked in the clubs when they were released as singles, don't work as good as big band-r'n'b. And even though Darin is great at ballads, they are missing the live weight that fits in You're Out Of My Life and Lovekiller. On the other hand, that are puzzle pieces that looks like they can fall into place in any moment. There are no doubts about that the great talent is there.
When Darin is passionated at the same time as the smoke machines, the laser canons and the confetti rain gets full space in the encores, he is not far from something really big.

- The unexpected guest
In the middle of "Astrologen", Magnus Uggla shows up and sings a duet in the ballad that Darin revived in "Så Mycket Bättre". A cuddly and happy performance that gets much acclamation as a response.
- The big band
I have seen Darin perform without a band, to pre-recorded music. He did that good as well, but it's still pretty cocky having thirteen men behind him. And the string quartette in "Lovekiller": wow!
- The contact with the audience
Darin uses the whole stage's width and height professionally, and poses generously for the fans' cellphone cameras in the front row. He tells them about his success, his doubts and talks about his Kurdish origins.

Review in Swedish (by Anders Nunstedt):
Translated by Nathalie Pentler.