Eurovision Song Contest 2013: Darin performs "Nobody Knows" and "So Yours"

Amazing night in the Malmö arena yesterday. For the first time ever, Darin performed at the Eurovision Song Contest, in front of 11.000 people in the audience and about 100 millions viewers at home.
During the interval act called "Swedish Pop Voices", Darin was the first to perform. He started with a piano version of Nobody Knows, which suddenly turned into the fabulous dance pop song that we all know, with the introduction of violins which made everything more magic. Soon after So Yours was also performed for the first time ever, in a shorter version.
As fans, we couldn't be more proud of Darin. He dominated the arena and there's no doubt that none of the competitors were on the same level as Darin's act.

You can watch the performance right below, but don't forget to buy "So Yours" and "Nobody Knows" on iTunes, now available across Europe.