Eurovision Song Contest 2013: "Darin will perform in a spectacular show"

Biggest news of the year has come today: Darin is going to perform at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, in the interval act of the second semifinal which will be held on May 16th. Together with Agnes, Swedish worldwide known artist with the song Release Me, they will sing some of their biggest hits in a number called Swedish Pop Voices.

This is how Christer Björkman, Eurovision show producer this year, stated the news today:

- We are incredibly proud to show the whole Europe two of Sweden's strongest pop voices right now. Darin will perform in a spectacular show which will lift the roof of the arena. And Agnes with her wonderful voice will shine as the international star she is.

No, you don't need to read it again. During Darin's performance, the roof of the Malmö arena will lift up, above more than 15.000 people.
It's now confirmed that Darin will perform a medley of his platinum-selling single Nobody Knows and his latest international release, So Yours. On the stage with him there will be musicians, choir, dancers and in the final part of the act, he will sing together with Agnes for more than 100 million viewers all over the world.

This is undoubtely going to be Darin's biggest performance of his career. The Darin Family is so proud of him and sure that he will make people from all over Europe regret not having checked out his music before.