Expressen TV - Darin: "Might be the biggest thing I've ever done"

This is Darin's interview with Expressen, made yesterday in Malmö.

Darin, here in Malmö. What are you going to do on Thursday?
- On Thursday I will sing during the interval act. I'm going to perform two of my own songs in one. So I'm gonna do "Nobody Knows" at first, in a little different version in the beginning, then it will fade into the original version. After that I'm going to sing a new song called "So Yours", it's gonna be great.

What an opportunity! Perform two songs for a hundred millions of watchers, maybe not on Thursday, but something like that.
- Yes, really! I try not to think about how many viewers there are. I just try to think about doing my thing and have fun on stage, focus and do it as good as possible. Surely there are many people out there that haven't seen me before, that are going to watch. For me it's important to do my thing, show people that - this is me and this is my style. And do the songs I like the most, that feels the most "me".

Robin Stjernberg represents Sweden in the competition, but you represent Swedish pop. How does it feel carrying that on your shoulders?
- It's... No pressure. (laugh) No but it's really cool actually, to do it in that way. And really an honor. It's probably the biggest thing I've ever done, considering the number of watchers. Maybe it is the biggest thing. I probably will be a little nervous before performing, but that will probably go away when I stand there, I hope.

As a musical genius, which you are, considering all the success at such a young age, what do you say about the quality in Eurovision?
- I haven't followed it that much in other countries, but I've seen the Eurovision finals. Here in Sweden, I think it has developed very much during the latest years. Before, it was very much schlager, like one music genre. But now it feels like there is pretty much everything. Like Euphoria, it's not a schlager-schlager song - it's more of a pop/house song. I think it's cool that it has became so wide and that any kind of artists can take part with any music genre. That's cool.

You got the request of being part of the interval act pretty recently. When did you get it and how?
- I knew that it was going on, but I didn't know how it was going to turn out and what they wanted me to do. Then I found out that they wanted me to perform with my own material which I thought was great. I said yes, of course, because it's a very good opportunity and good timing as well. As mentioned, I reach out to a lot of people and it's fun to do my own material. It was good that I got to choose which songs I'm gonna perform myself.

What are you going to do after this?
- Right now I'm rehearsing with my new band that I've put together. I've focused very much on that, because I'm going out on a big tour in Sweden this summer. I'll play at Peace and Love, Storsjöyran, Kirunafestivalen, Gröna Lund, Liseberg, among others.

How long are you staying in Malmö?
- I think I'm coming back home on Friday actually, the day after.

Will you have time to see any Så Mycket Bättre-colleague? Maja lives here.
- I thought about texting her now because I heard that she lives here. Many people that I know are living here so I'll probably meet a few.

You'll have time to party too maybe?
- I hope so!

Full interview in Swedish here. Translated by Nathalie Pentler.