Nyhetsmorgon: Darin about pick-up lines and summer tour

Today Darin visited Nyhetsmorgon, a Swedish tv program, where he had a 5 minute talk with the host and performed two songs from Exit: an acoustic version of his newest single Check You Out and F Your Love.
He talked about his plans for this summer and about how unbelievable is to him that he got to release six albums. Here comes the translated interview, after the performance of "Check You Out".


Let's start this by talking about this song, Darin. It's about cheesy pick-up lines. "I hope you know CPR"”, has anyone ever told you this?
- No, actually not. It was the whole point with the song, it was quite funny I thought. If we found two really cheesy pick up lines.. I searched for it on the Internet actually. There was a site with lots of cheesy ones, and I thought those two were really funny so I used them.

Do you usually pick up someone yourself?
- Yes of course, but I don't use pick-up lines like those.

What do you say then?
- I don't know, it's different. It's not like I have anything planned to say.

Is it possible to pick-up when being as famous as you are?
- Of course it's possible. Though I'm not doing it that extremely. I just chill.

When you're this famous it must be really hard to meet someone?
- Both yes and no. It's not hard to meet someone. It's more hard to find someone that you know where you have her, if you know what I mean.

How did it go with Maja Ivarsson?
- We still talk. We haven't seen each other for a long time. I saw her once after the show, but not more. Though we still keep in touch.

You're going out on a tour with 11 people. What are we going to see?
- I'll sing both old and new songs, from the new album. As you mentioned, we are 11 people on stage so what I focused on the most was getting good band members who work well together. Also who you have fun with, because that you can tell when you're on stage. Jeppe is one of them, the one who played guitar during my performance here. Anyway, they are awesome, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be a great show with much energy. Many hits!

- You've been doing this for a long time, and you have got so many hits!
It's sick! Exit is the sixth album. I just go on and on. The important this is to never take anything for granted. I'm not the one that leans back after succeeding, I just keep going even more.

You said it's important to give the crowd a great show. I was thinking about One Direction, whose concert I saw the other day. They were just walking around on stage and didn't have any well thought-out talk between the songs, though they sang good songs for their fans. But shouldn't their fans demand more?
- As a fan I think the important thing is to see the artist performing the songs that you like. I think you're satisfied by just that. But as a critic you may want more.

You work with people that are well known internationally. How you do choose what people to work with?
- It depends on which sound I'm looking for, and what types of productions I want. To this album I wanted pop producers but more urban, pop and r'n'b. A mixture of that. I had just made a deal with BMG Chrysalis, a publishing company, then. They put me together with different songwriters, which was awesome. I got to work with Jim Beanz, among others. He's done productions for Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and more. That was the first week and then we wrote half the album in 5 days. It was awesome.

How much do you want to stand on Friends Arena with all those screaming fans and be the international star?
- Of course it would have been great fun, that's what I aim at, but... I’m happy the way it is today.

You're happy with that?
- I'm really happy, I never thought I'd get to release 6 albums and tour in this way that I have, abroad too. Certainly I have different goals.

What was it like in Los Angeles? Did you feel like an international star while writing those songs and walking down Sunset Boulevard?
- I mostly worked while I was there, I didn't chill around.. Some days I had two sessions so I worked really hard. When I got back to the hotel I fell asleep right away. I wrote 25 songs that month, I think, so it was incredibly much work. And it was worth it!

Earlier this morning we played a little game in which we would say what kind of tree we would be, if we were one. You said you'd be a palm?
- Yeah like, pretty calm and enjoying life. Likes the sun. And the summer.

What would a perfect free day be like, to you?
- If it was gonna be perfect: it's warm, I'm hanging out with nice people, eat great food. I enjoy the small things, especially during the latest years I've noticed that that's what makes life great.

Yeah.. Maybe you could pick up someone.
- With a cheesy pick-up line! (laughs)
Thank you so much Darin!
Thank you!

Darin%20om%20raggning%20och%20sommarturn%C3%A9n Darin%20-%20F%20your%20love

Translated by Nathalie Pentler.