Sommakväll: Darin performs "Playing With Fire" featuring DAMN!

As announced by Darin himself on Twitter, tonight the Swedish summer show Sommakväll will air on SVT. The show was recorded some weeks ago and features the performance of an "african" version of Playing With Fire with the band Damn!. Here comes the video of the performance and the interview in which Darin talks about his family and his plans for the future.

When did you realize that music was what you wanted to work with?
- Music has always been in the family. Both my parents have always sung, but haven't had it as a job. I've always had it around me, they have always played music and my uncles (mother's side) played instruments. Everything from piano to violin and so on... it came quite naturally. I can't even remember when I started to sing, I think. It may have come at the same time when I started to talk, it might have come earlier - I don't know. (laugh)

But the big breakthrough came in Idol!
- Exactly!

You immediately got a huge fan crowd that went crazy, just saying...
- It happened very quickly. It was quite unexpected, I went to school at the same time. I remember the day after I really broke through the program that when I would go to the subway as usual, it became really weird: people began to come to me to take a picture, get a hug... Then I walked past Pressbyrån, which I always did when I went to school from the subway and I saw myself on the front page of the newspapers. It happened very quickly.

Since then, it has gone very good. You have performed at ESC, a large part of Europe saw you sing. You worked with some of the world's best songwriters and producers. What have you left to do? What do you dream about?
- I have a lot of dreams. There is much more to do, even more territory that I want to test. I still haven't been in South America and performed. There are very many countries that I would like to see, both travel and work in. There is much to do.

Music session with Damn, today. You haven't done it before. How has that been?
- It has gone very well. I remember when they told me that I would be in the program and make another version of "Playing With Fire". A little bit of an African version, then I thought: how will this end? "Playing With Fire" is a very well produced song, but it went good. It will be awesome!

It will be great to hear!

Thanks to DarinNewz.